Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two month check up and more!!!

I had my 2 month check up on November 19th, I was pretty fussy after my shots but my gram gram (great-gma) came to town from Florida that day and she made me feel better :). I weighed 14.7 pounds! That puts me in the 99.74%ile :)!!

This is me and my gram gram on Turkey Day! This is me before I went to daycare the first day. It's going okay but I was mad at my mom and dad on Monday and Tuesday night so I gave them the silent treatment and blank stares... Miss Julie says I am adjusting well, it will just take some time. I have started taking my bottle without any problems which helps my mom feel better.
My mom took this picture when she was riding next to me in the car!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Updates that are way over due!!!!

My mom and I went to Bartlesville to see my dad and go to a "grandma" shower, this is my daddy's office- I never said you could find anything in his office.... :)
I went to my first homecoming this year- I was only about 4 weeks old, but it was a GOOD time!
My mom broke down and put a bow on me- had to make sure I didn't look like a boy in my jersey that my dad got me!
I was about 6 weeks old at halloween and the weekend before I went to my friends London and Jack's one year old birthday party- I liked my costume that day, but definately didn't like it on Halloween, it was too HOT!! My dad took off on Halloween and we all went to Pumpkin Town! Here are some pictures we took.
This is one of my early "smiling" pictures, I didn't used to like to do it, but now I do it all the time! I really like to smile and talk when I get up in the morning... even BEFORE I eat!!
Here are a couple of pictures of me and my friends. The first one is Michael and I, he's 10 days older, but I am pretty sure I've got him beat in weight! :)
This is my new friend Nora, our mom's work together, she really isn't that little, but she wasn't even 24 hours old when I met her, so she was still all smushed up from being in her mommy's belly. Nora weighted 7lbs 1oz at birth, so she really isn't that little.

I went to my first Homecoming, but that picture is earlier,- this is our family picture at another OSU football game! I have already been to 2 OSU tailgates! I don't go to the games b/c I would have to buy a ticket even though I fit on my mom's lap!
Some more pics from Halloween!

Here is some video from Saturday morning in bed, I have the hiccups!!!