Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting the nursery ready...

Well today my mom got to see her friend April and her little boy!! They are in town from North Carolina, so it was a real treat. Cayden is his name and he is SOOOOOO well behaved, my mom took some cute pictures of him, so he can show off!
After a nap in the afternoon and my grandparents stopping by my mom was motivated to finish the first coat of paint on my dresser. The drawers are finished with two coats, but the body of the dresser needs another. It is really looking good.

My mom is pretty sure she passed her glucose tolerance test- haven't heard from the doctor so no news is good news! Next doctor appointment is Thursday. I have taken up dancing in my mom's tummy recently- I like to do it when she turns over in bed and keep her awake for a little bit- she doesn't complain though, small price to pay :)!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

4-D pictures- 27 weeks, 13 to go!!!

SO....... my mom might have gotten a little out of control uploading the pictures from my photo shoot today.... :)! My parents went to the 4-D ultrasound and it was 45 minutes of ALL ME! They have 29 pictures of me and then a VHS tape of the entire thing.
I must be getting bigger because my mom was laying on the table and started to get hot, dizzy, nauseated- well aparently I am so big I was squashing her "large vessels" and her brain needed a little more oxygen! All she had to do was turn to her side and it was all fixed- apparently this happens all the time, she had read about it in the book, but can lay on her back no problem in bed, so she was surprised. My mom really wanted the black and white profile picture and it's going to match my new room sooooooo well!
After the photo shoot my mom and dad ran errands and then mom mowed the lawn- her choice while dad loaded up the junk on my grandpa's trailer and then they went to dump- well no one told them that the dump wasn't open at 4 pm on Saturday so Dad was a little mad about the fact that they drove the truck that gets wonderful gas mileage all the way there for no reason... I guess they will just have that project for next weekend.
Tomorrow is going to be a fun day- they are thinking about going and playing mini-golf again- hopefully it won't be too hot!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is a picture of her at 15 weeks- that is an umbilical cord necklace that she has on :)

This picture is from yesterday that's her face and arm across- she is now "head down" leading to multiple trips to the restroom thanks to the smashing of the bladder! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another week down...

Well to was Father's Day and went to my grandparents house. My great Auntie Em called it the Coweta Country Club and that is very appropriate :)! My mom laid out in the pool and it felt great- unfortunately she forgot sunscreen on her legs and they are crispy burnt now! Her belly got burnt too, but since she put on suncreen twice it's not nearly as bad.

My mom has her glucose tolerance test on Tuesday when she goes to the doctor- that's to check and see if she has gestational diabetes- fingers crossed that it all goes well. Since she has polycystic ovarian syndrome she is at high risk.

Saturday my mom and dad are going to have a 4-D ultrasound done at the doctor's office and they will get lots of pictures that they should be able to upload to the computer and update the blog!!!

My mom also realized that she is almost 7 months pregnant and they haven't even thought about childbirth classes, so she is going to look in to that this week.... hahaha!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday night...

Well my mom and dad wish there was another day in the weekend, but no luck! They hosted an engagement party for Kelsey and David last night which was a lot of fun.

Here is an updated picture of my mom from Saturday- 25 weeks. Getting kinda big...

She like to think the angle of the camera adds a lot... hmmmmmmmmm.....

Today she washed all the clothes that have been given to me and all the new clothes that mom and dad have bought for me, it was the most fun she's had doing laundry :). She also found a dresser on Craig's List for a good deal that she can paint black and will match, just waiting on the person to respond. My grandparents bought the mattress for my crib and it looks great!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Almost 25 weeks...

Well tomorrow my mom will be 25 weeks pregnant! She can't believe how fast it has gone by. Right now I like to kick and squirm a lot, more then she thought I would. I am being nice and I haven't woken her up from sleep just yet... I think that will be more fun as I get bigger. Mom and dad went to see Dr. Nilson last week to check on me and everything looks great! He told them that I weigh about 1 pound 7 ounces... Seems on the big side to my mom!

The next appointment to check on me is June 17th and then on the 21st they are paying a little extra to get a 4-D ultrasound that will look at me for about an hour. Mom thinks it's worth it, dad thinks it's cool, but for the price should get a DVD instead of VHS.

My parents think that it is fun to keep my name a secret, they have a lot of people who don't think that is very fun- namely my great aunt Yvonne and my grandma (although she won't be called grandma she just hasn't decided on her "name" yet). Everyone has come up with some creative suggestions for my name. The girls at my mom's work don't like my name being secret so my mom named me Kishkidee so that they would have a name to call me.

Hopefully my mom can figure this blog thing out and post some pictures... I hope that this is fun so that you can all keep up on how I am doing!