Saturday, August 30, 2008

First OSU game!

Today my dad and Pops were able to finish the last section of fence to fence in the yard. They have worked so hard and it loks SO good!! They weren't able to get the chain link up on the fence but all the posts are officially IN THE GROUND!!!!

After that my mom and dad went over to Aunt Ashley and Uncle Johnny's house to watch the end of the OSU game- which they actually pulled out the win and a great win at that!! My mom laid around a lot today to try and keep the swelling down, but after they got home from watching the game she started packing the "hospital bag", figured even though the doctor thinks it will be a while she might as well be ready!! Hopefully it won't be too long!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shower time and fat feet!!!

Well a lot has been going on with my mom and dad. They have been having a lot of people help get the house and my room ready- it has been so great for my mom!

My Aunt AK and her mom and sister threw a great shower for my mom and here are some pictures from it! I love the orange and black and white, I can't wait to go to my first OSU football game!!
My mom, grandma (name to be changed), Aunt AK and her momma!!
Here is a picture that my mom took the other day- she is 36 weeks in this picture
So the new development is my mom's fat feet- today it was at an all time high, so she thought she would take some pictures as she was leaving work- now don't worry she still has to wear the closed toes shoes during the day but she leaves those at work and wears flip flops to and from work!! She says to keep me cookin' the feet are a small price to pay for now- that all might change in another 2 weeks!
This is what the closed toe shoes do to her feet!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August showers bring a spoiled Babycake!!

Well my mom and dad are very blessed to have so many people who want to share in their excitement of me getting ready to make my appearance in the world, they can't thank everyone enough for all the support!

They don't have pictures from my Mom's work shower or my Dad's, they were taken on a different camera, but here is the loot from the shower my Dad's work threw us!!!

The next pictures are from the shower that my Phi Mu aunts threw my Mom last Sunday!
Seriously how cute are these custom m&ms that say it's a girl and Babycake?

Aunt Kelsey's guy made these cute cupcakes!! I think they look just like me...

The El Reno flowers were beautiful!!!
Aunt Erinn just keeps getting craftier and craftier in her old age... hehehe!!! This is SO cute!
All the girls!!! I don't really know why my Mom's face is so pained in this picture, maybe one of her good friends would send her their picture that she doesn't look so wierd...
My "to be named grandma" and my mom! The weight is starting to creep up my mom's chin.... hahahah!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nursery is coming along!

So the above picture is my nursery with the curtains that my "grandma" (name to be changed later) made. I think she should go in to buisness! Those curtains looks awesome!
This is with the curtains closed and my crib. She also made my crib skirt, there's a better picture later... My mom's friends at work threw her a shower yesterday and so she got my crib mattress pad, crib sheet, and a bunch of other stuff!

This is all the curtains closed- looks so good!!!!!