Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1 year older and my mommy might be a little wiser...

So back by popular demand are some blog updates! I have started a new job and LOVE it. I am working 3 12-hour days at a private practice clinic in Owasso and I love it! Obviously I am home much more with Annabelle and this week we went to the zoo twice already. I am going to do a birthday blog update on here, but not today. Just wanted to get some pictures for you guys!

Here we are at LaFortune Park, Annabelle thought this was pretty cool for a while :)

Here was the birthday cupcake at Miss Julie. Annabelle dove in to this better then her real birthday cake, LOL!!
Here is the birthday spread. I will post some more birthday pictures in a second!

Mamaw and Papaw came down and we had a birthday lunch on my birthday!!! Gram Gram came all the way from Florida for my birthday, we get to go and see her in February for her 80th Birthday!!!!
You know just hangin' in my ball pit in the living room- just a little spoiled!!!
So everybody keeps asking if I can walk- I say why walk when you can climb?? Seriously!
Just hanging with London, Jack, Ethan, Owen at the aquarium! I did think it was pretty cool. I really like the sharks!
And then I decided that this stroller was for ME to sit in!!!
Hanging at Sam's with Ethan and Owen, just another day shopping :)

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