Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lot of pictures!!!!

So I've been trying to get on and update, but I have been going on tons of walks lately, so my evenings have been pretty full to make it to bed at 7, which I pretty much do on my own!! My mommy is proud.
My mom's friend Julia is enjoying some couch time while keeping little "Christmas" inside her, so we went to visit her while she is on "couch-rest". We are throwing her a shower in May! My friend's Jack and London outgrew their baby einstein and gave me one, I love it and I have figured out how to jump and I think it's great- maybe my mom can shoot some video and put it on here!
My friend Tucker came to visit on his way to Kansas City and we played on my blanket!
After Tucker came Jack and Ella came since their mom had to work that weekend, they liked my toys too!
When Jack and Ella were here we went to the zoo since the weather was so nice, I was a bit sleepy but stayed awake until the very end!
My dad and Jack and Ella's dad somehow made all 3 car seats fit....
Easter morning with Pops and Grammie Pammie- Gram Gram got me the cutest Easter dress!!
So somewhere along the way I became a big girl and sit up all by myself now, when I get tired I just roll back and hang out on the floor- I would have to say I am pretty easy going!!
My pretty Easter dress AND ball- what could be better then a purple plastic ball?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Pictures!

So I was a model again today- this is really wearing me out! I had my pictures taken by Phoebe from Anderson Photography ( www.tulsaweddingphotographer.com ) and my mom is very excited because she thinks they turned out GREAT! Here is the link so you can decide for yourself!

After my pictures I went to visit my Aunt Julia in Arkansas, I was a great baby like I always am and had lots of fun playing with Asa and Molly (they are her fur babies)!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm gonna be a super model....

So this is just proof that today I decided it would be fun to actually eat something!!!!! Yay me!!!!!!!! My mom was stressing out because I would break off big bites and she thought that I might choke, but I did just fine!!!!
Now for the part I need some help with! I have decided that I am going to enter the GMA cute baby contest and I need some help. Please vote for which of the next three pictures is the cutest for me to send in! I only get one picture!!

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