Saturday, July 26, 2008

More fence building....

Well after falling asleep last night a little after 9, of course my mom was up at 6:30 am! So my dad and her went ahead and got up and hung some chain link on the fence!! It was slow and Dad did WAY more work then my mom and me- basically he did it all, but we did mow some of the backyard :) Now we have showered and are laying around on the couches...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Grandparent Update

So my mom has received some clarification emails regarding my grandparents' names.... So my dad's parents already have a lot of grandkids, so their names are set: mamaw and papaw. Well I am the first grandchild for my mom's parents and that's where things get tricky because they can't have "old sounding" names :). My mom's dad is going to go by....... wait for it........ it's coming....... "Pops". Consider this the official announcement. Now there is a little history on this name, my mom a few years back just thought it would be fun to call him this on occasion and it has stuck, so now it will stick for infinity and beyond! Now my mom's mom needs to get on the horn and figure out what she would LOVE to be called!

My mom would also like to let you know that the newly purchased closed toe shoes are working well so far...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It is hot out!!!

So my mom has decided that it is hot out and there's just not really anything she can do about it. Apparently complaining does not fix the situation, according to my dad :) Yesterday my mom mowed the yard- on the riding mower, and my dad, my uncle, and my grandpa (not settled on name yet) worked more on our never-ending fence!! They are so close to the end it's getting exciting...

Today my mom and dad went on a search for "closed-toe" shoes that are now a requirement at her work. She would like everyone to know that telling a pregnant woman in the middle of an Oklahoma summer that she has like 4 days to just start wearing closed-toe shoes everyday does not make her happy. She has come to realize it doesn't make any woman happy, but pregnant makes it more to complain about because seriously her feet are HUGE!
So today was a happy ending and a $20 pair of shoes were found that actually are comfortable and she is going to wear them to work tomorrow and try them out. After that my mom and dad tried to go see the new batman movie at the IMAX but the rest of Tulsa had that idea, so it was out. Instead they went by their friend's Rob and Crystal and saw their 9 mo old twins and picked up the changing table that they are giving them for my room.
The addition of the changing table inspired my mom to put away the clothes that have been all over my crib and arrange the room to her satisfaction. Here are some updated pictures of my room:
So you might notice that the center window blinds do not fully go to the window sill, well........ that would be because my mom has pregnancy brain and ordered all 3 20 inches too short. She reordered the two skinny ones b/c they have to be custom and the center they are going to try and just match at home depot- let's just say there was a pregnancy breakdown, just tears this time, when she realized what she had done. Dad was very nice and waited about 6 hours to start pointing out how dumb it was :)

The lamp that is on my dresser is pretty cool b/c it was my mom's mom's lamp when she was little and then it was my mom's growing up and now it's mine, so that's pretty cool.

Here's a picture of my mom's belly- I am one HUGE baby!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My first fireworks show and my mom is losing her mind!

My mom had her doctor appointment last week when she was 28 weeks and 5 days and everything looked good. They got a picture of me yawning really big! The ultrasound said that I weight 3 lbs 2 ounces already!!! Geez!!
So I got to see my first fireworks show on July 3rd at Driller's Stadium, it was after the baseball game and was actually a pretty good display- I kicked my mom a lot during it because it was so loud!

We then went over to Aunt Erinn and Uncle Jason's House in Jenks on the 4th of July where we thought fireworks were legal, but their neighbor, who is a Jenks Police Officer let us know that they are "sooooo illegal" but he wasn't looking. There was a slight mishap with the bottle rocket when Uncle Johnny tried to set it off from the "really cool holder" that came with the pack, and maybe there were some fire balls sent at other neighbor's houses. No worries, there were no fires! At the end of the night Aunt Erinn and Aunt Ashley were doing interpretive dance with sparklers, but my dad had to show them how it's done!
Now for my mom going crazy... So my mom and dad went to McDonalds and my mom wanted a cheeseburger so my dad was supposed to order a cheeseburger with out pickles and mustard like he's done a bazillion times, but he started out by saying "cheeseburger without ketchu...." mom quickly jumped in and he clarified "I mean without mustard and pickles" well we wait on our food and then as we are driving away my mom looks and sees that the ticket says no pickles and no ketchup---- well let's just say she had a preganancy FLIP OUT and threw the hamburger back in the bag, and as much as she hates to admit it totally screamed at my dad, who took it all in stride and just didn't talk to her for about an hour and a half- probably in his best interest! :) Things have calmed down and she is trying very hard to avoid any more emotional freak outs!!!!

My mom finally finished painting the dresser for my room and then used a spray paint finish for the handles and my dad put those back on the dresser- it's FINALLY done!