Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day!!!

Well today was an "Ice Day" and I got to skip "baby jail", as my dad likes to call daycare, and hang out with my parents all day. Around 4 it started snowing- instead of sleet/ ice- thank goodness so OF COURSE my mom and dad had to dress me up so we could take photo ops- I mean that's just what they do...
Luckily Grammie Pammie had gotten me this cool snow suit that I could wear outside! Don't worry I was barely outside for a minute- I mean it's only 19 degrees out there, do you think I am crazy?
I love my daddy!
So this is a picture of me actually having fun on my belly- I usually don't like it at all, but I have rolled over... once!
I am playing in my bumbo chair, I wasn't really good at the toy yet, but today I have been really enjoying it and I can make it go round and round. I must be inspired by the ice!

I am just really soooooo cute!!!!!!
See look I am playing on my belly again!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy Day so I got mom with poop!

So today my dad went golfing so my mom and I went to post office, lunch with a friend, target for non-food needs, by Best Buy to say Hi to Ashley while she was working, Wal-mart for groceries- now here's where it gets good- my mom took me to the handicapped dressing room to nurse and things were going good and my belly was getting full and then it "happened". My mom started feeling this warm sensation on her legs and she lifted me up hoping it was pee, but no she wasn't that lucky- I got her with pooooooooooo! There is was, I had gotten her silently, bright yellow poo all over her jeans- not just one spot, but 4! She thought she was prepared and had the dreft and tide pens in the diaper bag, but they were no match for my poo droppings!

We did still go get a Sonic drink and gas because we wouldn't have gotten home otherwise. We picked up my dad at home and then went to Tulsa to finish some errands so that we don't have to leave the house tomorrow- we went by the bank drive-thru, my mom ran in to Petsmart, my dad ran in to Golf Galaxy, we all went to Sam's and then we all went to Babies-R-Us!!!! We finally came home had some bath time and then I played on the floor.

While I was playing on the floor I rolled from my back to my belly!!! I don't think I really meant to do it, but that doesn't matter!!! I am typing this from my crib because I am exhausted!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, New Year.... New Tooth!

Well it took some time but I was able to wrestle the computer away from Annabelle for an update! I can't believe that she is almost 4 months old.... The crazy thing is that a year ago tomorrow we found out we were pregnant and I really can't type that without tearing up. For those who might not know we had the help of Dr. Nilson to have Annabelle and she actually had a twin brother or sister for 13 1/2 weeks before God had a different plan for that baby. It was probably the hardest time in our lives, but brought us closer then I thought possible. For those who have been to our house the picture frame that says Daddy's Little Dude on it is the baby that we lost- Annabelle was always "big bruiser" and her twin "little dude" :). There is a reason for everything and someday we can hope to find that out.
I guess I am writing all this today because Annabelle got her first tooth and as exciting as it is, it is another obvious example of how quick they grow and to treasure every moment. She is the most beautiful thing and I can not imagine our lives without her. Ok- if I keep going I am going to cry all night, so on to fun pictures and video!!!

This is the most histerical face I think I have captured on film, but it is true she got her first tooth today and she is 3 1/2 months old or 16 weeks exactly!! I think this is the funniest face I have caught on camera so far! PS- the tooth is her lower left bottom- I know barely visible!Her first Christmas was great! We had two celebrations one Christmas morning at my parents house and then one that evening at James' sister's house
This is Annabelle opening her first present from Santa!
We went to Pei Wei for lunch for Grammie Pammie's birthday and it was really cold so we had to bundle up!!! I just love this picture!
Since I was born on Christmas Eve I was given to my parents in a stocking- this is the same stocking, so OF COURSE I had to take pictures!

So I have about a million more pictures I want to upload but James is telling me it's time for bed and the computer battery is almost dead so... that's all for now!!! Here is some video that we took tonight- and that's right you hear James at the end talking about he was right about the tooth and I was just telling him is was plain ole' drool- I mean I do this for a living and it is NOT NORMAL for kiddos to get teeth at 4 months!!!!