Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am NINE month old!!!!!

Well it's been a long time since a good update, so hold on to your hats- here we go... A lot has been going on since I last updated, but tonight I went to bed early- at least I faked it at 6:30- so I could get on here and update!!!

These first pics are at Jack and Ella's 1st Birthday Party in Joplin a couple of weekends ago! Those are the backs of Jack and Ella's heads!
My mommy and me in the ball pit!
Riding in the wagon with Lola!
We went to Virginia for a memorial service and then we stayed an extra day so my Daddy could see Washington DC- these pictures make it look like I was actually awake, but really I took a 3 1/2 hour nap while I was "strollered" around DC by my mom!!
We went to the Vietnam Wall- we we seriously hit all the monuments, but you all don't want all those pictures. This was amazing to be there on Memorial Day weekend!! They do a thing called Rolling Thunder and it is motorcycle parade that went for 4+ hours of herds of motorcycles driving in the streets- it was AMAZING!! The wall was especially touching since many people put personal pictures/ stories about the men on the wall. There were two vetrans who stood at the start of the wall and shook everyone's hands who walked by.
This is me asleep when the motorcycle parade started- use your imagination to figure out just how loud it was. Only goes to show what a good sleeper I am!! Remember I went to bed at 6:30 tonight!
My mom -of course- played photographer in my great aunt's backyard!
I can't wait to be big enough to play with my cousins next time!!! Who knows what they are really called, but these are my mom's cousin's kids!!!
I love my Gram Gram!
All the girls!!
The "big cousins" minus Tori and Caleb
The family.... I can't believe they really all stood still for a picture! We were all together for my mom's cousin Lex's memorial service, it was beautiful.
More photography momma!
Yesterday I went on a playdate to Ethan and Owen's house. My dad is not too excited that they could be my new boyfriends :)
But they ARE cute!!!!!!
Being my big girl self and playing with my toys!!! That's my mom's attempt at making bows!! First one didn't turn out too bad!
This is just one of my mom's most favorite pictures!!! Funny Girl I am!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I have been VERY busy and have been a very bad blogger lately, but I've had stuff to do! This is one of my mom's favorite pics, we took it in Washington DC, I was very photogenic, so there is more to come! My mom is off to Aunt Kelsey's Bachelorette Party this weekend so I will be a spoiled Daddy's Girl when she gets back! I will update more after the weekend!!!
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