Sunday, December 7, 2008

Videos, by popular demand

Today in the bouncy chair I found this cow and I played with it for at least 45 minutes!

I was talking a lot on turkey day!

Turkey Day and the BIG BAD MOUSE!!!!

So it's been a while since I've posted- I've been really busy, hangin' with my gram gram when she came to visit, starting daycare, hosting ou/osu watch party, and lots more. This picture is with my gram gram on Turkey Day. I loved sitting with her in this rocking chair, I would just talk and laugh for hours! She's definately one of my favorite people!!!

I am laying on my changing table in this picture, I love to show off on this thing, I always start talking and smiling, it's just a good time!

Here is a "family picture", I make the 4th generation, and that's my cousin in Aunt Kristen's belly, I'll get to meet her in May!

Here we are before we ate, I decided to chew on the strap on my high chair, lots of fiber......
So I was able to get these people to get me out of my high chair and then I decided to just stare at the good food!!! Maybe next year.....Posted by Picasa

I am starting to smile all the time, my mom and dad LOVE my smiles!

I threw an OSU/OU watch party and was all decked out- I can't wait until next year when my cheerleading outfits fit!! I did go to bed early, but then I slept through ALL the SCREAMING!! My mom was amazed by it!

I did have to go and wash off the SOONER GOONER kisses my Aunt AK gave me :)

I love love love bath time and being naked afterwards!!! I was laughing and smiling for my mom and grammy pammy - it was a great way to spend a Friday night!

So on Thursday night last week Bud our cat brought in a HUGE mouse through his cat door- my mom and dad heard the mouse squeaking for his life in the jaws of Bud, so my dad got his gloves, continued to tell my mom over and over again just how big it was (he's already gotten rid of 2 in the last week- guess we know how they are getting in) compared to the other 2! He was following Bud in the kitchen, Bud finally dropped the mouse and out of all the places it jumped straight up and got in between 2 cabinets!!!! Seriously my mom said..... so at my mom's work they laughed and thought she might be blowing this mouse size out of proportion and then they said the R-A-T words---- AHHHHH!!!! So we knew the mouse was still in the house and then this morning Bud - finally being useful- started staring behind the entertainment center- Well...... there was the mouse, so my mom bought a humane trap at Wal-Mart and then her and my dad, with the help of a garage broom handle, a nice golf driver, and the humane mouse trap were able to "coax" the mouse in to the trap and Walah! Mouse in trap......

So as you can see it was not the R-A-T variety and really was a HUGE feild mouse, they say survival of the fittest and he got another pass because yes- we did set him free in the front yard!

I know this was long but I had a lot to say and I did it during the 3 hour nap I took today for my mom and dad!!!!!!!