Saturday, March 21, 2009

Airplane and Zoo Trips

Well I am updating my blog from San Diego! Wednesday was my 6 month birthday and we celebrated by going on vacation- well a conference for my mom, but vacation for my dad and I! I went on my first airplane ride and did great- didn't even cry. I did share my books with twin girls who were about a year older then me and not having any of it. Here are some pictures from my adventure.
My mom has gone to her conference, but we've also gotten to be tourists as well, here are some pictures of us in San Diego.
It was too cold to go in, but this is my cute suit, I was very excited!
We went to eat a a "whole-in-the-wall" place. The rule on vacation is that you can't eat anywhere that they have at home! Well this place by the beach had a cool section with toys just for kids! I hadn't ever been in one of these jumpy things and I liked it!!!! This is us at the zoo today. My mom was a little upset the "binky" was in the picture, but the one without the binky didn't turn out as cute! I decided that the binky was okay at daycare a couple of weeks ago and now I will sometimes take it when I am really tired! I had just woken up from my nap and we were getting ready to go on the "skyfari" it was high!!!
Two weekends ago we went to OKC to see Mamaw and Papaw and we went to the zoo there. I am just a traveler these days. Here are some pictures from that trip!

This picture is for everyone who says I look just like my daddy! Look I am exactly like him when he was my age!!!

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